Writing Improvement Software

Here are writers’ resources many authors use.

1. Pro Writing Aid edits my words.


You may be astonished how many writing errors you’ll find with Pro Writing Aid Editing Tool. Want to avoid passive phrases? Let this app find them. Need proper punctuation? No worries. How about echoes and repeated words? How hard are they to find by yourself? This software underlines them all in different colors. Using too many repeated starts? Pro Writing Aid will point them out. Need a thesaurus? It’s built in. This fantastic tool does all this and more. One of the writers’ resources I use all the time.


2. Inmotion Hosting is walking me through this WordPress site.

Why don’t you call the top website hosts and ask if they have 24-hour telephone support to walk you through the intricacies of a WordPress site? And how long do you have to wait? These guys rock. Absolutely marvelous customer support! 

They have a WordPress template that allows you to build by sight. You can see what you’re doing. And the website builder comes with your payment plan! Need help? They’re there for you by phone 24/7. Check them out by clicking on their banner.


3. Scrivener is my novel-building resource.

 Scrivener is a popular writing software for Mac or Windows used mainly by novelists and nonfiction writers. With so many features, it can be overwhelming. Want to learn Scrivener fast? Click here.