blogs tipsWriting a blog can be rewarding if you implement the tips in the following post.

One reason it’s worth all the work is that through blogging you have a great way to express yourself online. In addition, your blog can make money, and you can help others by sharing helpful information.



How to attract readers to your blog and keep them.

First of all, write about what interests you. If you don’t,  you won’t have what it takes to keep blogging year after year. Bloggers need to be persistent to eventually see the results of their hard work.

In addition, keep in mind when you first start your blog, people are looking for information. So learn how to have a successful blog and make them happy. Give readers what they want. Keep providing valuable content so people will follow you. If you want to succeed, collecting an email list is not an option. And build it from the very beginning. 

The best way to entice readers to sign up for your newsletter is to offer valuable free information they can’t get anywhere else. And continue to offer more free stuff. Also, give readers a chance to sign-up for your email list at the end of each post. That’s another how to have a successful blog tip.

Consider adding a pop-up to collect emails at the bottom right of your blog. On it promise a valuable free gift. And as you continue to learn, keep giving your knowledge away. Create downloadable PDFs full of information. You can market your product in your e-book.

Here’s another how to have a successful blog tip. Be consistent. Blog at least once a week. If you send out four posts one week, one the next week, and three the next, it will confuse your readers.

As you get more and more subscribers, don’t neglect the ones you already have. Show you care about the people on your list. Never forget, real people are following you.

Create a riveting web presence that will attract loyal readers.

Make sure your site is well-designed. A bad design will drive potential subscribers away.

Choose a theme for your blog–a specific topic that will attract targeted audiences.  Ask yourself when writing a post, would someone email it to a friend?

Don’t mimic somebody else. Be yourself. After all, there’s only one you.

Always tell the truth and never mislead your viewers. You’ll lose them.

Get ideas from comments on your blog and your Twitter posts and make sure your content is good enough to share on social media.

Use Google analytics on your site, but wait awhile—at least several months before you keep checking it.

At times don’t finish your posts, and ask your readers to add their input. Don’t put dates on your posts. Your content will eventually appear irrelevant.

Don’t let your writing sound stiff like you’re writing a term paper. It’s boring. Write like you’re talking to a friend over a cup of coffee—approachable like a real person, not a robot. Use a lot of contractions.  Hang out with your readers in a chatty tone.

Most people don’t read entire blog posts, they only scan them. So write with scanners in mind. Before you begin your post create an outline and use headers. Make a list of 10 items you want to write about and then write headers. Put one in every few paragraphs. Your post will be much easier to read. With the outline already made, just fill in the blanks.    If you make a claim, don’t forget to back it up with research and data.

Edit, edit, and re-edit. I use Pro Writing Aid Editing Tool to catch many errors. When I first started using it, I couldn’t believe how many mistakes it found. But even though you try as hard as you can to make a perfect post, it will probably never happen. Later you can update your posts when you find errors you didn’t notice before.

Ihope these tips about how to have a successful blog will help you on your blogging journey.  It may take a long time for you to see results, but over time it can be very rewarding. Many other people have developed a thriving online community. Why not you? . . . if you do blogging right and don’t quit.